In this game you're making cakes out of different layers. The cakes will appear at the left edge of the screen and will be moving rightwards. You need to pay attention to what layers the cake has and ...
Cake Jam, a cake making game, make the customers their cakes as fast as you can.
Serve the customers well to earn a maximum score. You can only take an order after cleaning the table. Don't make the customers wait too long or they will walk out making you lose a life.
Play this fun Ratatouille Restaurant game, this is Remy Restaurant, be the waiter and serve the clients while Remy cooks the food. Ratatoiulle Restaurant in famous is delicious and fun with celebrity ...
In this restaurant game you have to do various things like frying, cooking and mixing drinks to complete the 25 rounds on the mini-map. So light up your grill and play this Bar B Que game.
Running your own burger restaurant and making it grow.. This dutch online flash game will put you in the shoes of a hardworking burger restaurant owner.. Build your own burger empire!
In this cooking show you're cooking a cheese cake. Like in other Cooking Show games you need to follow the recipe of the meal performing certain actions.