This is a typical hidden object game. You need to pass different levels collecting all required objects in the room.
Bravely take control of your cannon and shoot the balls to destroy enemies and their castles.
In this game you adopt a pet. It can be a cat or a dog. You can also select one of 2 available looks for the selected animal.
In this game you're planning a wedding. You select the couple and get the according budget. You'll need to select various objects and services needed for the wedding.
Cady is a happy, normal 16-year-old girl except for the fact that both her parents are research zoologists and she has spent the last 12 years being home-schooled in Africa. But then her Mom got offer...
In this game you have to make an castle and protect it. You have to make towers along the way and put some archers on them. You can buy different kind of homes for your castle and various upgrades.