In this game you select one of Disney Princesses and play a card game against other ones.The other princesses are controlled by the computer. The card game is called 12. All cards, except 2 special ty...
You're the guy in the cinema box office. You sell movie tickets, popcorn, drinks and similar things. You'll need to serve each client what he/she asks.
In this game you're a girl who runs a bistro. You need to make meals by the orders of the clients.
Help Gomba the squirrel as he avoids hungry predators and other hidden perils of the jungle in a race against time to collect as many nuts as possible before winter sets in.
Scale the rooftops and collect all the symbols in the city. Use agility and acrobatics to jump from building to building.
Help this friendly little monster eat cakes. You can eat the groups of three or more cakes that are close to him. It as many cakes as you can to increase your score. Good luck!